Mealy multiset automata

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Mealy multiset automata
We introduce the networks of Mealy multiset automata, and study their computational power. The networks of Mealy multiset automata are computationally complete. 1 Learning from Molecular Biology Systems biology represents a new cross-disciplinary approach in biology which has only recently been made possible by advances in computer science and technology. As it is mentioned in [10], it involves the application of experimental, theoretical, and modelling techniques to the study of biological organisms at all levels. Adding ractions, discrete models and methods able to help our understanding of the biological phenomena, systems biology may provide predictive power, useful classifications, new paradigms in computing and new perspectives on the dynamics of various biological systems. Recent promising work [1] employs automata theory as an efficient tool of describing and controlling gene expression (a small automaton is encoded by DNA strands and then it is used in logical control of gene...
Gabriel Ciobanu, Viorel Mihai Gontineac
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Authors Gabriel Ciobanu, Viorel Mihai Gontineac
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