Measurements Should Generate Value, Rather than Data

11 years 5 months ago
Measurements Should Generate Value, Rather than Data
Success factors for measurement programs as identified in the literature typically focus on the `internals' of the measurement program: incremental implementation, support from management, a well-planned metrics framework, and so on. However, for a measurement program to be successful within its larger organizational context, it has to generate value for the organization. This implies that attention should also be given to the proper mapping of some identifiable organizational problem onto the measurement program, as well as the translation back of measurement results to organizational actions. In this paper, we present a generic process model for measurement-based improvement, which does cover the latter issues as well. We describe a number of common uses for measurement programs in software organizations, from which we derive additional `external' success factors. In addition, we propose a number of activities that organizations can use to implement value-generating measur...
Frank Niessink, Hans van Vliet
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Frank Niessink, Hans van Vliet
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