Measuring Web Application Quality with WebQEM

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Measuring Web Application Quality with WebQEM
measuring the product's "lower abstraction attributes."5 We see attributes as measurable properties of an entity--here, a Web application--and propose using a quality model (in the form of a quality requirement tree) to specify them. In this context, stakeholders must focus on characteristics and attributes that influence product quality and "quality in use."4 (Ensuring high product quality doesn't always suffice to guarantee quality in use, but such discussion exceeds this article's scope.) Specifically, characteristics that influence product quality as prescribed in the ISO 9126-1 standard include usability, functionality, reliability, efficiency, portability, and maintainability. To specify the quality requirement tree for a given assessment goal and user viewpoint, we should consider such diverse attributes as broken links, orphan pages, quick access pages, table of contents, site map, link color uniformity, and main control permanence. Of course,...
Luis Olsina, Gustavo Rossi
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Type Journal
Year 2002
Authors Luis Olsina, Gustavo Rossi
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