MEBN: A language for first-order Bayesian knowledge bases

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MEBN: A language for first-order Bayesian knowledge bases
Although classical first-order logic is the de facto standard logical foundation for artificial intelligence, the lack of a built-in, semantically grounded capability for reasoning under uncertainty renders it inadequate for many important classes of problems. Probability is the bestunderstood and most widely applied formalism for computational scientific reasoning under uncertainty. Increasingly expressive languages are emerging for which the fundamental logical basis is probability. This paper presents Multi-Entity Bayesian Networks (MEBN), a first-order language for specifying probabilistic knowledge bases as parameterized fragments of Bayesian networks. MEBN fragments (MFrags) can be instantiated and combined to form arbitrarily complex graphical probability models. An MFrag represents probabilistic relationships among a conceptually meaningful group of uncertain hypotheses. Thus, MEBN facilitates representation of knowledge at a natural level of granularity. The semantics of MEBN...
Kathryn B. Laskey
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Type Journal
Year 2008
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Authors Kathryn B. Laskey
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