Membrane Computing as a Framework for Modeling Economic Processes

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Membrane Computing as a Framework for Modeling Economic Processes
Abstract. This paper is a first step towards a systematic evaluation of the possibilities to use membrane computing as a modeling framework for economics. Membrane computing is a branch of natural computing, aiming to abstract computability models from the structure and functioning of living cells and from the way cells are organized in higher order structures (tissues, organs, etc.). The obtained models, called P systems, are cell-like distributed and parallel computability devices, based on multiset processing, rather flexible and versatile, already used in several applications in biology, medicine, computer science, and linguistics. Here we start by a simple interpretation of several basic ingredients of membrane computing in economic terms, thus proving that the (conceptual, formal, graphical) language of membrane computing can be useful for economics. We then introduce a class of P systems with bi-rules, which capture features of economic processes which cannot be covered by the...
Gheorghe Paun, Radu A. Paun
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Gheorghe Paun, Radu A. Paun
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