A Memory Symptom-based Virus Detection Approach

9 years 5 months ago
A Memory Symptom-based Virus Detection Approach
The widespread use of the Internet has caused computer security to become an important issue. Currently, antivirus software is the primary mechanism that prevents computers from the damage of viruses. Such a mechanism relies on the update of virus patterns (or signatures) to detect new viruses. However, serious damage is usually caused before the update occurs. In addition, a few modification of the same virus can pass the pattern matching. This is one reason that the quantity of new viruses has exceeded 600 per month. This situation has also caused inefficiency in virus scans. To overcome the above problems, a new memory symptom-based approach is proposed in this paper. This idea comes from how diseases are diagnosed in real life. Doctors diagnose diseases based on the symptoms of a patient, such as a fever, a cough, etc., rather than based on the type of virus. Similarly, the program execution requires the usage of computer resources, such as CPU, memory, network, etc. We define the...
Hsien-Chou Liao, Yi-Hsiang Wang
Added 12 Dec 2010
Updated 12 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2006
Authors Hsien-Chou Liao, Yi-Hsiang Wang
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