Mention Detection Crossing the Language Barrier

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Mention Detection Crossing the Language Barrier
While significant effort has been put into annotating linguistic resources for several languages, there are still many left that have only small amounts of such resources. This paper investigates a method of propagating information (specifically mention detection information) into such low resource languages from richer ones. Experiments run on three language pairs (Arabic-English, Chinese-English, and Spanish-English) show that one can achieve relatively decent performance by propagating information from a language with richer resources such as English into a foreign language alone (no resources or models in the foreign language). Furthermore, while examining the performance using various degrees of linguistic information in a statistical framework, results show that propagated features from English help improve the source-language system performance even when used in conjunction with all feature types built from the source language. The experiments also show that using propagated ...
Imed Zitouni, Radu Florian
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Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Imed Zitouni, Radu Florian
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