Meshing volumes with curved boundaries

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Meshing volumes with curved boundaries
Abstract This paper introduces a three-dimensional mesh generation algorithm for domains whose boundaries are curved surfaces, possibly with sharp features. The algorithm combines a Delaunay-based surface mesher with a Ruppert-like volume mesher, resulting in a greedy scheme to sample the interior and the boundary of the domain simultaneously. The algorithm constructs provably-good meshes, it gives control on the size of the mesh elements through a user-dened sizing eld, and it guarantees the accuracy of the approximation of the domain boundary. A notable feature is that the domain boundary has to be known only through an oracle that can tell whether a given point lies inside the object and whether a given line segment intersects the boundary. This makes the algorithm generic enough to be applied to domains with a wide variety of boundary types, such as implicit surfaces, polyhedra, level-sets in 3D gray-scaled images, or point-set surfaces. Key words Mesh generation, reconstruction,...
Steve Oudot, Laurent Rineau, Mariette Yvinec
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Updated 25 Jan 2011
Type Journal
Year 2010
Where EWC
Authors Steve Oudot, Laurent Rineau, Mariette Yvinec
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