From Metacomputing to Metabusiness Processing

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From Metacomputing to Metabusiness Processing
The importance of large-scale electrical business processing is increasing today as recent Internet technologies build on the basic infrastructure. Simply integrating existing technologies and resources toform a platform that satisfies large-scale electrical business processing requirements is not enough, however. Legion is a wide-area distributed object system that offers mechanisms for describing, creating, and managing objects in a large-scale, heterogeneous, distributed computing environment. Its original design objective was to build a global virtual-computersystem that uses Legion as its operating system for computeintensive applications. Thispaper introduces our efforts to extend the Legion system into a backbone that supports business processing with consistent resource representations, identical service interfaces, and an easy-to-use developing environment. We willfocus on a framework that supports CORBA from within the Legion system.
Li-jie Jin, Andrew S. Grimshaw
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Type Conference
Year 2000
Authors Li-jie Jin, Andrew S. Grimshaw
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