A Metaobject Protocol for Fault-Tolerant CORBA Applications

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A Metaobject Protocol for Fault-Tolerant CORBA Applications
Abstract: The use of meta-level architectures for the implementation of faulttolerant systems is today very appealing. Nevertheless, all existing fault-tolerant systems based on this approach have used a general-purpose metaobject protocol (MOP) or are based on restricted reflective features of some object-oriented language. According to our past experience in this field, we define in this paper a suitable metaobject protocol, called FT-MOP, for the implementation of faulttolerant meta-level architectures. The use of FT-MOP for building a fault-tolerant system or for the implementation of fault tolerance strategies is left open to the system designer. We explain in this paper how to realize a specialized runtime MOP using compile-time reflection and describe FT-MOP in details. Because of the unavoidable use of CORBA in distributed object systems and its interesting properties, this MOP is CORBA compliant: it enables the execution and the state evolution of CORBA objects to be controlle...
Marc-Olivier Killijian, Jean-Charles Fabre, Juan-C
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Updated 25 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1998
Where SRDS
Authors Marc-Olivier Killijian, Jean-Charles Fabre, Juan-Carlos Ruiz-Garcia, Shigeru Chiba
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