Method Chunks for Interoperability

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Method Chunks for Interoperability
Interoperability is a key property of enterprise applications, which is hard to achieve due to the large number of interoperating components and semantic heterogeneity. Platform-based approaches such as service-oriented architectures address the technical integration of systems. However, a deep integration needs to cover the whole lifecycle of the interoperable system. We propose method engineering as a means for encoding situated knowledge about achieving interoperability in the form of method chunks. We analysed the field of interoperability for enterprise applications and propose that a tool modelling the business- and ICT-related choices in the form of method chunks is needed for a knowledge-based solution of interoperability problems. An industrial case is included to back our claims.
Jolita Ralyté, Per Backlund, Harald Kü
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Where ER
Authors Jolita Ralyté, Per Backlund, Harald Kühn, Manfred A. Jeusfeld
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