Methods and views

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Methods and views
Many papers have been written on the structural aspect of view mechanisms for object-oriented databases. A clean model that focuses speci cally on the interplay between methods and views, however, is still lacking. This paper addresses this First, an abstract model of behavioral views is introduced, from which it becomes clear that the main issue is to allow transfer of control of a computation between the root database and the view. Hence, good primitives for specifying such transfers are needed. A speci cation formalism for this purpose is presented in the paper and implemented on top of the formalism of method schemas. Correctness issues that arise in this context are explored, and a general result on the possibility of automated veri cation of behavioral views is proven.
Jan Van den Bussche, Emmanuel Waller
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Type Conference
Year 1998
Where BDA
Authors Jan Van den Bussche, Emmanuel Waller
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