METU Interoperable Database System

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METU Interoperable Database System
METU INteroperable Database System (MIND) is a multidatabase system that aims at achieving interoperability among heterogeneous, federated DBMSs. MIND architecture is based on OMG distributed object management model. It is implemented on top of a CORBA compliant ORB, namely, ObjectBroker. MIND provides users a single ODMG-93 compliant common data model, and a single global query language based on SQL. This makes it possible to incorporate both relational and object oriented databases into the system. Currently Oracle7, Sybase and METU OODBMS (MOOD) have been incorporated into MIND. The main components of MIND are a global query processor, a global transactionmanager, a schema integrator, interfaces to supported database systems and a user graphical interface. In MIND all local databases are encapsulated in a generic database object with a well de ned single interface. This approach hides the di erences between local databases from the rest of the system. The integration of export sche...
Asuman Dogac, Ugur Halici, Ebru Kilic, Gökhan
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Type Conference
Year 1996
Authors Asuman Dogac, Ugur Halici, Ebru Kilic, Gökhan Özhan, Fatma Ozcan, Sena Nural, Cevdet Dengi, Sema Mancuhan, Ismailcem Budak Arpinar, Pinar Koksal, Cem Evrendilek
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