Micro patterns in Java code

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Micro patterns in Java code
Micro patterns are similar to design patterns, except that micro patterns stand at a lower, closer to the implementation, level of abstraction. Micro patterns are also unique in that they are mechanically recognizable, since each such pattern can be expressed as a formal condition on the structure of a class. This paper presents a catalog of 27 micro-patterns defined on JAVA classes and interfaces. The catalog captures a wide spectrum of common programming practices, including a particular and (intentionally restricted) use of inheritance, immutability, data management and wrapping, restricted creation, and emulation of procedural-, modular-, and even functional- programming paradigms with object oriented constructs. Together, the patterns present a set of prototypes after which a large portion of all JAVA classes and interfaces are modeled. We provide empirical indication that this portion is as high as 75% . A statistical analysis of occurrences of micro patterns in a large softwar...
Joseph Gil, Itay Maman
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Joseph Gil, Itay Maman
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