Middle Sized Soccer Robots: ARVAND

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Middle Sized Soccer Robots: ARVAND
Abstract. Arvand is the name of robots specially designed and constructed by sharif CE team for playing soccer according to RoboCup rules and regulations for the middle size robots. Two diæerent types of robots are made, players and the goal keeper. A player robot consists of three main parts: mechanics घmotion mechanism and kickerङ, hardware घimage acquisition, processing unit and control unitङ and software घimage processing, wireless communication, motion control and decision makingङ. The motion mechanism is based on two drive unit, two steer units and a castor wheel. We designed a special control board which uses two microcontrollers to carry out the software system decisions and transfers them to the robot mechanical parts. The software system written in C++ performs real time image processing and object recognition. Playing algorithms are based on deterministic methods. The goal keeper has a diæerent moving mechanism, a kicker like that of player robots and a fast mo...
Mansour Jamzad, Amirali Foroughnassiraei, Ehsan Ch
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Type Conference
Year 1999
Authors Mansour Jamzad, Amirali Foroughnassiraei, Ehsan Chiniforooshan, Reza Ghorbani, Moslem Kazemi, Hamid Reza Chitsaz, Farid Mobasser, Sayyed Bashir Sadjad
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