A middleware for ecologies of robotic devices

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A middleware for ecologies of robotic devices
—The fields of autonomous robotics and ambient intelligence are converging toward the vision of smart robotic environments, in which tasks are performed via the cooperation of many simple networked robotic devices. The concept of Ecology of Physically Embedded Intelligent Systems, or PEIS-Ecology, combines insights from these fields to provide a new solution to building intelligent robots in the service of people. To enable this vision, we need a common communication and cooperation model that allows dynamically assembled ad-hoc networks of robotic devices, a flexible introspection and configuration model and that can be shared between robotic devices at different scales, ranging from standard mobile robots to tiny networked embedded devices. In this paper we discuss the development of a middleware suitable for ubiquitous robotics in general and PEIS-Ecologies in specific. Our middleware is suitable for building truly ubiquitous robotics applications, in which devices of very di...
Mathias Broxvall
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Mathias Broxvall
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