A Middleware for Model-Based Embedded Systems

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A Middleware for Model-Based Embedded Systems
To deal with the increasing complexity of embedded real-time systems the model-driven development approach has proven to be beneficial. The reduction of complexity achieved by the used models, which are often implemented using a graphical modeling language, results in less faulty systems. For model-driven development to be effective, the possibility of human faults has to be kept as small as possible. This goal can be reached by utilizing automatic code generation and is hence already employed in production today. Tools like Matlab/Simulink or ASCET-SD are examples of such efforts. Yet those tools lack the possibility of designing not only parts, but specifying complete systems and generating code as well as configuration data for the overall application. The Component Language (COLA) [1] is intended to fill this gap. While generating application code for COLA models is similar to the mentioned tools, the code shall be deployed onto a distributed system with as less manual interaction ...
Wolfgang Haberl, Jan Birke, Uwe Baumgarten
Added 29 Oct 2010
Updated 29 Oct 2010
Type Conference
Year 2008
Authors Wolfgang Haberl, Jan Birke, Uwe Baumgarten
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