Millimetre-Wave Personnel Scanners for Automated Weapon Detection

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Millimetre-Wave Personnel Scanners for Automated Weapon Detection
The ATRIUM project aims to the automatic detection of threats hidden under clothes using millimetre-wave imaging. We describe a simulator of realistic millimetre-wave images and a system for detecting metallic weapons automatically. The latter employs two stages, detection and tracking. We present a detector for metallic objects based on mixture models, and a target tracker based on particle filtering. We show convincing, simulated millimiter-wave images of the human body with and without hidden threats, including a comparison with real images, and very good detection and tracking performance with eight real sequences. (International Workshop on Pattern Recognition for Crime Prevention, Security and Surveillance)
Beatriz Grafulla-González, Christopher D. H
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Beatriz Grafulla-González, Christopher D. Haworth, Andrew R. Harvey, Katia Lebart, Yvan R. Petillot, Yves de Saint-Pern, Mathilde Tomsin, Emanuele Trucco
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