Mind Monitoring via Mobile Brain-Body Imaging

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Mind Monitoring via Mobile Brain-Body Imaging
Current brain-computer interface (BCI) research attempts to estimate intended operator body or cursor movements from his/her electroencephalographic (EEG) activity alone. More general methods of monitoring operator cognitive state, intentions, motivations, and reactions to events might be based on continuous monitoring of the operator's (EEG) as well as his of her body and eye movements and, to the extent possible, her or his multisensory input. Joint modeling of this data should attempt to identify individualized modes of brain/body activity and/or reactivity that appear in the operator's brain and/or behavior in distinct cognitive contexts, if successful producing, in effect, a new mobile brain/body imaging (MoBI) modality. Robust MoBI could allow development of new brain/body-system interface (BBI) designs performing multidimensional monitoring of an operator's changing cognitive state including their movement intentions and motivations and (`topdown') apprehensi...
Scott Makeig
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Year 2009
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