On Minimal Tree Realizations of Linear Codes

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On Minimal Tree Realizations of Linear Codes
A tree decomposition of the coordinates of a code is a mapping from the coordinate set to the set of vertices of a tree. A tree decomposition can be extended to a tree realization, i.e., a cycle-free realization of the code on the underlying tree, by specifying a state space at each edge of the tree, and a local constraint code at each vertex of the tree. The constraint complexity of a tree realization is the maximum dimension of any of its local constraint codes. A measure of the complexity of maximum-likelihood decoding for a code is its treewidth, which is the least constraint complexity of any of its tree realizations. It is known that among all tree realizations of a linear code that extends a given tree decomposition, there exists a unique minimal realization that minimizes the state space dimension at each vertex of the underlying tree. In this paper, we give two new constructions of these minimal realizations. As a by-product of the first construction, a generalization of the ...
Navin Kashyap
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