Minimum energy disjoint path routing in wireless ad-hoc networks

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Minimum energy disjoint path routing in wireless ad-hoc networks
We develop algorithms for finding minimum energy disjoint paths in an all-wireless network, for both the node and linkdisjoint cases. Our major results include a novel polynomial time algorithm that optimally solves the minimum energy 2 link-disjoint paths problem, as well as a polynomial time algorithm for the minimum energy k node-disjoint paths problem. In addition, we present efficient heuristic algorithms for both problems. Our results show that link-disjoint paths consume substantially less energy than node-disjoint paths. We also found that the incremental energy of additional linkdisjoint paths is decreasing. This finding is somewhat surprising due to the fact that in general networks additional paths are typically longer than the shortest path. However, in a wireless network, additional paths can be obtained at lower energy due to the broadcast nature of the wireless medium. Finally, we discuss issues regarding distributed implementation and present distributed versions of ...
Anand Srinivas, Eytan Modiano
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Authors Anand Srinivas, Eytan Modiano
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