Mining contentions from discussions and debates

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Mining contentions from discussions and debates
Social media has become a major source of information for many applications. Numerous techniques have been proposed to analyze network structures and text contents. In this paper, we focus on fine-grained mining of contentions in discussion/debate forums. Contentions are perhaps the most important feature of forums that discuss social, political and religious issues. Our goal is to discover contention and agreement indicator expressions, and contention points or topics both at the discussion collection level and also at each individual post level. To the best of our knowledge, limited work has been done on such detailed analysis. This paper proposes three models to solve the problem, which not only model both contention/agreement expressions and discussion topics, but also, more importantly, model the intrinsic nature of discussions/debates, i.e., interactions among discussants or debaters and topic sharing among posts through quoting and replying relations. Evaluation results using r...
Arjun Mukherjee, Bing Liu 0001
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