Mnesic Evocation: An Isochron-Based Analysis

9 years 10 months ago
Mnesic Evocation: An Isochron-Based Analysis
—Mnesic evocation occurs under the action of a stimulus. A successful evocation is observed as the overrun of a certain threshold of the neuronal activity followed by a medical imaging instrument like a PET-scanner. Within the neural system, this successful evocation corresponds to an effective activity that induces other activations in other parts of the brain and conscious actions. Populations of coupled neuronal oscillators can dynamically store information in the form of a periodic attractor of large dimension. In this context, the overrun of such an activity threshold is due to a maximization of the global activity of the population of oscillators. It is allowed by a synchronized activity of the – neuronal – oscillators, which can be provided by the action of an external stimulation. One can hold this process as an elementary process of mnesic evocation. We use an isochron-based analysis to understand the relevant aspects of this synchronization phenomenon. The temporal gap ...
Hedi Ben Amor, Jacques Demongeot, Nicolas Glade
Added 30 Aug 2010
Updated 30 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 2010
Where AINA
Authors Hedi Ben Amor, Jacques Demongeot, Nicolas Glade
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