Mobile Agents: Can They Assist with Context Awareness?

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Mobile Agents: Can They Assist with Context Awareness?
This position paper argues that the mobile agents paradigm is a useful and important technology enabling pervasive and ubiquitous computing. Context awareness drives adaptability of pervasive computing systems. It is asserted that mobile agents capable of discovering, extracting, interpreting and validating context will make significant contribution to increasing efficiency, flexibility and feasibility of pervasive computing systems. We are witnessing an unprecedented use of the Internet, communication and computing technologies in commerce, business, government, health, defence and educational applications. Advances in software technology, ubiquitous devices and the increasing volume of digital knowledge offer the opportunity for more sophisticated and user-friendly digital services. Mobile software agents represent one of recently emerged paradigms related to pervasive computing that carry a tremendous promise in solving some of the real world problems and enabling “anytime, anywh...
Arkady B. Zaslavsky
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Type Conference
Year 2004
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Authors Arkady B. Zaslavsky
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