Mobile Robotic Supported Collaborative Learning (MRSCL)

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Mobile Robotic Supported Collaborative Learning (MRSCL)
In this paper we describe MRSCL Geometry a collaborative educational activity that explores the use of robotic technology and wirelessly connected Pocket PCs as tools for teaching and reinforcing concepts of basic geometry. The application can be considered as ”robotic aided education” since the robot acts as a mediator in the learning experience, while the students are able to learn concepts that are not related to Robotics. One mayor difference with previous computer based teaching tools is that the robot motions are not absolute, but relative to external references and past moves mapped in the real world. Furthermore, MRSCL Geometry helps students to develop social abilities such as how to communicate with their pairs, and how to interpret and describe information about lengths, positions, and trajectories. Robot autonomous navigation is carry out by developing the teaching activities in a simplified world consistent of clear space and bright color landmarks that are used as t...
Rubén Mitnik, Miguel Nussbaum, Alvaro Soto
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Rubén Mitnik, Miguel Nussbaum, Alvaro Soto
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