Mobile Technology and Content Delivery in Education

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Mobile Technology and Content Delivery in Education
The purpose of this workshop is to identify various issues that are pertinent to the development and delivery of content in the context of mobile devices. The workshop will focus on identifying ways to achieve reusability, interoperability, adaptivity of content delivery to the user and to the devices, and user friendliness while still focusing on pedagogical requirements and enhanced learning experiences. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices and the availability of high bandwidth infrastructure, more and more people are able to access educational content, activities and services from anywhere, at any time. The use of personal digital assistants (PDAs) and next generation mobile phones is increasing. Many young adults already have their own mobile phones. Other more powerful mobile devices including game players and ultra notebook computers are also becoming available. Unfortunately our educational system is not geared to exploit the benefits of these technological advance...
Rory McGreal, Kinshuk
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Year 2006
Authors Rory McGreal, Kinshuk
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