Mobile TV - To Live or Die by Content

10 years 3 months ago
Mobile TV - To Live or Die by Content
Mobile TV is described as a natural and evolutionary next step as mobile phones get more multimedia features. Mobile network operators expect mobile TV to support the adoption of 3G as they expect consumers to start shifting the use of mobile phones from simply communicating with each others to proactively searching for information. Here the logic is not very clear as TV basically is a broadcast medium for passive reception of content which is pre-selected, produced and transmitted and thus seems to be in contradiction with the aim at a proactive search for information. Then there is another question: do people want mobile TV and if so, when, where and what would they want to watch? We have conducted an empirical study among the participants in a pilot experiment with mobile TV in Finland in order to find out some reasons for a possible adoption and use of mobile TV. .
Christer Carlsson, Pirkko Walden
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Authors Christer Carlsson, Pirkko Walden
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