Mobile video streaming in modern wireless networks

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Mobile video streaming in modern wireless networks
Increasingly more users use mobile devices to watch videos streamed over wireless networks, and they demand more content at better quality. For example, market forecasts reveal that mobile video streaming, such as mobile TV, will catch up with gaming and music, and become the most popular application on mobile devices. In this tutorial, we will present different approaches to deliver multimedia content over various wireless networks to a large number of mobile users. We will study and analyze the main research problems in modern wireless networks that need to be addressed in order to enable efficient mobile video services. The tutorial will cover common research problems in wireless networks such as HSDPA, MBMS, WiMAX, LTE, DVB-H, MediaFLO, and ATSC M/H. After giving the preliminaries of the considered wireless network standards, we will focus on important research problems and present their solutions in details. Finally, we will discuss open problems and future research directions in...
Mohamed Hefeeda, Cheng-Hsin Hsu
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Updated 06 Dec 2010
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Year 2010
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Authors Mohamed Hefeeda, Cheng-Hsin Hsu
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