Mobile Work Environment for Grid Users

12 years 11 months ago
Mobile Work Environment for Grid Users
In the paper we aim to describe the project developing the Migrating Desktop infrastructure for the mobile users in a simple way. We also focus on the development testbed, which is prepared for the testing purposes of the runtime environment. This functionality refers to the work environment of the users, which change their location very often. The mobility term refers to the users, which use the open session without moveing themselves during the on-line connection. It means, that the user can move between sessions only. The consideration of the mobile user with the active open connection to the Internet is a well-known problem and many other projects respecting this functionality have been started. However this feature is not the point of our project. This work is done under the EU CrossGrid project IST-2001-32243 [1]. In the paper we present the functionality, the architecture and the main components of the core of developed system. It consists of the Application Portal Server, the ...
Miroslaw Kupczyk, Rafal Lichwala, Norbert Meyer, B
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Type Conference
Year 2003
Where EAGC
Authors Miroslaw Kupczyk, Rafal Lichwala, Norbert Meyer, Bartek Palak, Marcin Plóciennik, Pawel Wolniewicz
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