A Mobility Gateway for Small-Device Networks

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A Mobility Gateway for Small-Device Networks
Networks of small devices, such as environmental sensors, introduce a number of new challenges for traditional protocols and approaches. In particular, the extreme resource constraints characteristic of these devices force the engineering of device and application-specific optimizations in order to reduce complexity. By offloading some, if not most, of the complexity out of the small device and into the network, we simplify the design of individual devices, and may make otherwise infeasible applications possible. In this paper, we look specifically at the problem of global mobility, and its associated protocol Mobile IP (MIP). We introduce the mobility gateway which performs MIP processing on behalf of registered devices. The mobility gateway provides an interface between the optimized world of small devices and the larger Internet. Through simulation, we investigate the potential savings offered by this technique in terms of bandwidth and power. In a sample scenario, we find the tota...
Robert C. Chalmers, Kevin C. Almeroth
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Robert C. Chalmers, Kevin C. Almeroth
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