Mobiware: QoS-aware middleware for mobile multimedia communications

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Mobiware: QoS-aware middleware for mobile multimedia communications
Next generation wireless communications system will be required to support the seamless delivery of voice, video and data with high quality. Delivering hard Quality of Service (QOS) guarantees in the wireless domain is complex due to large-scale mobility requirements, limited radio resources and fluctuating network conditions. To address this challenge we are developing a QOS-aware middleware platform called mobiware which contains the complexity of supporting multimedia applications operating over wireline and wireless ATM networks. Mobiware is a software middleware platform based on xbind and CORBA technology that is designed to operate between the application and radio-link layers of future wireless media systems. Mobiware provides value-added QOS support by allowing mobile multimedia applications to operate transparently during handoff and periods of persistent QOS fluctuation. Keywords Middleware, mobile communications, adaptive algorithms, active transport, QOS
Andrew T. Campbell
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Type Conference
Year 1997
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Authors Andrew T. Campbell
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