Model-Based Diagnosis for Information Survivability

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Model-Based Diagnosis for Information Survivability
The Infrastructure of modern society is controlled by software systems that are vulnerable to attack. Successful attacks on these systems can lead to catastrophic results; the survivability of such information systems in the face of attacks is therefore an area of extreme importance to society. This paper presents model-based techniques for the diagnosis of potentially compromised software systems; these techniques can be used to aid the self-diagnosis and recovery from failure of critical software systems. It introduces Information Survivability as a new domain of application for model-baesed diagnosis and it presents new modeling and reasoning techniques relevant to the domain. In particular: 1) We develop techniques for the diagnosis of compromised software systems (previous work on modelbase diagnosis has been primarily cconcerned with physical components); 2) We develop methods for dealing with model-based diagnosis as a mixture of symbolic and Bayesian inference; 3) We develop t...
Howard E. Shrobe
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Year 2001
Authors Howard E. Shrobe
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