Model-Based Initialisation for Segmentation

10 years 3 months ago
Model-Based Initialisation for Segmentation
The initialisation of segmentation methods aiming at the localisation of biological structures in medical imagery is frequently regarded as a given precondition. In practice, however, initialisation is usually performed manually or by some heuristic preprocessing steps. Moreover, the same framework is often employed to recover from imperfect results of the subsequent segmentation. Therefore, it is of crucial importance for everyday application to have a simple and effective initialisation method at one's disposal. This paper proposes a new model-based framework to synthesise sound initialisations by calculating the most probable shape given a minimal set of statistical landmarks and the applied shape model. Shape information coded by particular points is first iteratively removed from a statistical shape description that is based on the principal component analysis of a collection of shape instances. By using the inverse of the resulting operation, it is subsequently possible to c...
Christian Brechbühler, Gábor Szé
Added 16 Oct 2009
Updated 16 Oct 2009
Type Conference
Year 2000
Where ECCV
Authors Christian Brechbühler, Gábor Székely, Johannes Hug
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