Model-Based Testing Through a GUI

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Model-Based Testing Through a GUI
Abstract. So far, model-based testing approaches have mostly been used in testing through various kinds of APIs. In practice, however, testing through a GUI is another equally important application area, which introduces new challenges. In this paper, we introduce a new methodology for model-based GUI testing. This includes using Labeled Transition Systems (LTSs) in conjunction with action word and keyword techniques for test modeling. We have also conducted an industrial case study where we tested a mobile device and were able to find previously unreported defects. The test environment included a standard MS Windows GUI testing tool as well as components implementing our approach. Assessment of the results from an industrial point of view suggests directions for future development.
Antti Kervinen, Mika Maunumaa, Tuula Pää
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Type Conference
Year 2005
Authors Antti Kervinen, Mika Maunumaa, Tuula Pääkkönen, Mika Katara
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