A model of BGP routing for network engineering

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A model of BGP routing for network engineering
The performance of IP networks depends on a wide variety of dynamic conditions. Traffic shifts, equipment failures, planned maintenance, and topology changes in other parts of the Internet can all degrade performance. To maintain good performance, network operators must continually reconfigure the routing protocols. Operators configure BGP to control how traffic flows to neighboring Autonomous Systems (ASes), as well as how traffic traverses their networks. However, because BGP route selection is distributed, indirectly controlled by configurable policies, and influenced by complex interactions with intradomain routing protocols, operators cannot predict how a particular BGP configuration would behave in practice. To avoid inadvertently degrading network performance, operators need to evaluate the effects of configuration changes before deploying them on a live network. We propose an algorithm that computes the outcome of the BGP route selection process for each router in a ...
Nick Feamster, Jared Winick, Jennifer Rexford
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Updated 30 Jun 2010
Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Nick Feamster, Jared Winick, Jennifer Rexford
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