Model checking object petri nets in prolog

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Model checking object petri nets in prolog
Object Petri nets (OPNs) provide a natural and modular method for modelling many real-world systems. We give a structure-preserving translation of OPNs to Prolog by encoding the OPN semantics, avoiding the need for an unfolding to a flat Petri net. The translation provides support for reference and value semantics, and even allows different objects to be treated as copyable or non-copyable. The method is developed for OPNs with arbitrary nesting. We then apply logic programming tools to animate, compile and model check OPNs. In particular, we use the partial evaluation system logen to produce an OPN compiler, and we use the model checker xtl to verify CTL formulae. We also use logen to produce special purpose model checkers. We present two case studies, along with experimental results. A comparison of OPN translations to Maude specifications and model checking is given, showing that our approach is roughly twice as fast for larger systems. We also tackle infinite state model check...
Berndt Farwer, Michael Leuschel
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Where PPDP
Authors Berndt Farwer, Michael Leuschel
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