Model Checking Synchronized Products of Infinite Transition Systems

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Model Checking Synchronized Products of Infinite Transition Systems
Formal verification using the model checking paradigm has to deal with two aspects: The system models are structured, often as products of components, and the specification logic has to be expressive enough to allow the formalization of reachability properties. The present paper is a study on what can be achieved for infinite transition systems under these premises. As models we consider products of infinite transition systems with different synchronization constraints. We introduce finitely synchronized transition systems, i.e. product systems which contain only finitely many (parameterized) synchronized transitions, and show that the decidability of FO(R), first-order logic extended by reachability predicates, of the product system can be reduced to the decidability of FO(R) of the components. This result is optimal in the following sense: (1) If we allow semifinite synchronization, i.e. just in one component infinitely many transitions are synchronized, the FO(R)-theory of...
Stefan Wöhrle, Wolfgang Thomas
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Type Journal
Year 2007
Where CORR
Authors Stefan Wöhrle, Wolfgang Thomas
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