A Model for the Statistical Distribution of Road Vehicle Vibrations

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A Model for the Statistical Distribution of Road Vehicle Vibrations
— This paper presents the initial results of a study aimed at improving the method by which the vibrations produced by transport vehicles are characterised and simulated. More specifically, this paper focuses on the rigid body vibrations generated by road transport vehicles in the context of distribution of packaged goods and produce. The research uses a variety of vibration data, collected from various vehicle types and routes in Spain and Australia with high-capacity vibration recorders. Vehicles used range from small transport vehicles to large truck-trailers with both airbags and steel spring suspensions while the routes travelled include suburban streets, main roads and motorways. The paper discusses the significance and limitations of the average power spectral density (PSD) and explains why the average PSD is not always adequate as the sole descriptor of road vehicle vibrations as the process generally tends to be non-stationary and non-Gaussian. The paper adopts an alternativ...
Manuel-Alfredo Garcia-Romeu-Martinez, Vincent Roui
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Type Conference
Year 2007
Where WCE
Authors Manuel-Alfredo Garcia-Romeu-Martinez, Vincent Rouillard, Vicente-Agustin Cloquell-Ballester
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