Modeling the AIADD paradigm in networks with variable delays

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Modeling the AIADD paradigm in networks with variable delays
Modeling TCP is fundamental for understanding Internet behavior. The reason is that TCP is responsible for carrying a huge quota of the Internet traffic. During last decade many analytical models have attempted to capture dynamics and steady-state behavior of standard TCP congestion control algorithms. In particular, models proposed in literature have been mainly focused on finding relationships among the throughput achieved by a TCP flow, the segment loss probability, and the round trip time (RTT) of the connection, which the flow goes through. Recently, Westwood+ TCP algorithm has been proposed to improve the performance of classic New Reno TCP, especially over paths characterized by high bandwidth-delay products. In this paper, we develop an analytic model for the throughput achieved by Westwood+ TCP congestion control algorithm when in the presence of paths with time-varying RTT. The proposed model has been validated by using the ns-2 simulator and Internet-like scenarios. Vali...
Gennaro Boggia, Pietro Camarda, Alessandro D'Alcon
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Type Conference
Year 2006
Authors Gennaro Boggia, Pietro Camarda, Alessandro D'Alconzo, Luigi Alfredo Grieco, Saverio Mascolo, Eitan Altman, Chadi Barakat
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