Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems with Cell-DEVS

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Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems with Cell-DEVS
Cell-DEVS enables efficient execution of complex cellular models. The goal of Cell-DEVS is to build discrete-event cell spaces, improving their definition by making the timing specification more expressive. Different models built using Cell-DEVS were implemented in a modeling and simulation tool (CD++, crated following the formal specifications of the DEVS formalism). The applications range from biological systems to complex artificial systems. In this tutorial, we will introduce the main characteristics of Cell-DEVS, showing how to model complex cell spaces in an asynchronous environment. We will focus on the application of these techniques to improve model definition, which enables reducing development times of these models. We use a wide variety of previously defined examples in different domains of applications to illustrate the use of the techniques.
Gabriel A. Wainer
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Type Conference
Year 2004
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Authors Gabriel A. Wainer
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