Modeling Content Identification from Document Images

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Modeling Content Identification from Document Images
A new technique to locate content-representing words for a given document image using representation of character shapes is described. A character shape code representation defined by the location of a character in a text line has been developed. Character shape code generation avoids the computational expense of conventional optical character recognition (OCR). Because character shape e an abstraction of standard character code (e.g., ASCII), the mapping is ambiguous. In this paper, the ambiguity is shown to be practically limited to an acceptable level. It is illustrated that: first, punctuation marks are clearly distinguished from the other characters; second, stop words are generally distinguishable from other words, because the permutations of character shape codes in function words are characteristically different from those in content words; and third, numerals and acronyms in capital letters are distinguishable from other words. With these clAssifications, potential content-re...
Takehiro Nakayama
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Type Conference
Year 1994
Where ANLP
Authors Takehiro Nakayama
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