Modeling event driven applications with a specification language (MEDASL)

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Modeling event driven applications with a specification language (MEDASL)
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology provides the means to track any object, any time, anywhere with Electronic Product Codes (EPC). A major consequence of this technology is that the existing Information Technology systems, applications and processes have to be retrofitted to be EPC-aware. Many new systems and applications have to be developed while the technology and standards are still emerging. These will be driven by dynamic business processes and therefore have to be agile, and easy to use and modify by a business and sometimes non-IT savvy end user. We describe and use Distributed Application Specification Language (DASL) from Sun Microsystems, Inc., to model an enterprise application and deploy it directly on a target platform thus reducing the development lifecycle substantially. DASL provides for a rapid, intuitive modeling of enterprise ions. It abstracts application services such as persistence, tier’ing and messaging within the modeling language and enables ...
Murali Kaundinya, Ali Syed
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Murali Kaundinya, Ali Syed
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