Modeling Image Context Using Object Centered Grid

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Modeling Image Context Using Object Centered Grid
Abstract--Context plays a valuable role in any image understanding task confirmed by numerous studies which have shown the importance of contextual information in computer vision tasks, like object detection, scene classification and image retrieval. Studies of human perception on the tasks of scene classification and visual search have shown that human visual system makes extensive use of contextual information as postprocessing in order to index objects. Several recent computer vision approaches use contextual information to improve object recognition performance. They mainly use global information of the whole image by dividing the image into several predefined subregions, so called fixed grid. In this paper we propose an alternative approach to retrieval of contextual information, by customizing the location of the grid based on salient objects in the image. We claim this approach to result in more informative contextual features compared to the fixedgrid based strategy. To compare...
Sobhan Naderi Parizi, Ivan Laptev, Alireza Tavakol
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Type Conference
Year 2009
Authors Sobhan Naderi Parizi, Ivan Laptev, Alireza Tavakoli Targhi
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