Modeling Latent Biographic Attributes in Conversational Genres

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Modeling Latent Biographic Attributes in Conversational Genres
This paper presents and evaluates several original techniques for the latent classification of biographic attributes such as gender, age and native language, in diverse genres (conversation transcripts, email) and languages (Arabic, English). First, we present a novel partner-sensitive model for extracting biographic attributes in conversations, given the differences in lexical usage and discourse style such as observed between same-gender and mixedgender conversations. Then, we explore a rich variety of novel sociolinguistic and discourse-based features, including mean utterance length, passive/active usage, percentage domination of the conversation, speaking rate and filler word usage. Cumulatively up to 20% error reduction is achieved relative to the standard Boulis and Ostendorf (2005) algorithm for classifying individual conversations on Switchboard, and accuracy for gender detection on the Switchboard corpus (aggregate) and Gulf Arabic corpus exceeds 95%.
Nikesh Garera, David Yarowsky
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Type Journal
Year 2009
Where ACL
Authors Nikesh Garera, David Yarowsky
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