Modeling wireless shadow networks

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Modeling wireless shadow networks
In case of natural disasters or intentional attacks, telecommunication networks often get heavily damaged and current resilience schemes have proven to be insufficient for rapid recovery of telecommunication services from catastrophic failures. We consider wireless recovery networks as a strong candidate to provide emergency communication resources in case of such severe network outages, and to preserve, with minimal degradation in quality, the distribution of standard communication services. The focus of our work is on the modeling of wireless shadow networks and study their throughput as a function of the system parameters. We address the design problem of determining the required number of antennas and their most appropriate location for a simple topology. For directional antennas we investigate the expected throughput gain as a function of the beam-width. Furthermore, some interesting topics such as the evaluation of multi-hop constellations and modeling the antenna steering strat...
Filip De Turck, Aurel A. Lazar
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Type Conference
Year 2004
Authors Filip De Turck, Aurel A. Lazar
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