Modeling wrinkles on smooth surfaces for footwear design

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Modeling wrinkles on smooth surfaces for footwear design
We describe two new shape operators that superimpose wrinkles on top of a smooth NURBS surface. Previous research studying wrinkles focused mostly on cloth modeling or in animations, which are driven more by visual realism, but allow large elastic deformations. Our operators generate wrinkle-shaped deformations in a region of a smooth surface along a given boundary based on a few basic parametric inputs such as wrinkle magnitude and extent (these terms will be defined in the paper). The essential geometric transformation to map the smooth surface to a wrinkled one will be defined purely in terms of the geometry of the surface and the input parameters. Our model is based on two surface properties: geodesic offsets and surface energy. Practical implementation of the operators is discussed, and examples presented. Finally, the motivation for the operators will be given through their application in the computer-aided design and manufacture of footwear.
Fu Jing, Ajay Joneja, Kai Tang
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Type Journal
Year 2005
Where CAD
Authors Fu Jing, Ajay Joneja, Kai Tang
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