Models for Trustworthy Service and Process Oriented Systems

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Models for Trustworthy Service and Process Oriented Systems
Abstract. Service and process-oriented systems promise to provide more effective business and work processes and more flexible and adaptable enterprise IT systems. However, the technologies and standards are still young and unstable, making research in their theoretical foundations increasingly important. Our studies focus on two dichotomies: the global/local views of service interactions, and their imperative/declarative specification. A global view of service interactions describes a process as a protocol for interactions, as e.g. an UML sequence diagram or a WS-CDL choreography. A local view describes the system as a set of processes, e.g. specified as a π -calculus or WS-BPEL process, implementing each participant in the process. While the global view is what is usually provided as specification, the local view is a necessary step towards a distributed implementation. If processes are defined imperatively, the control flow is defined explicitly, e.g. as a sequence or flow...
Hugo A. López
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