A Modular Location-Aware Service and Application Platform

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A Modular Location-Aware Service and Application Platform
Location-Aware applications for supporting the mobile user as well as logistics of movable objects have proven significant relevance for future telecommunication and computing. Based on the state-of-the-art analysis, the paper evaluates the outcome of the labs and the requirements of commercial usage. A system architecture is proposed from the technical perspective for localisation, information, communication, and management. The required support of heterogeneous resources leads to the necessity of an adequate middleware platform. The Location-Aware Service and Application Platform provides modular, unified access to various services, which are commonly and overlappingly used by multiple applications. Service request trading assigns the appropriate in-house services or third-party providers to the requirements of the applications. Merging data from different sources and constraints in the transmission and presentation capabilities of the mobile side require sophisticated media scaling...
Tom Pfeifer, Radu Popescu-Zeletin
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Updated 04 Aug 2010
Type Conference
Year 1999
Where ISCC
Authors Tom Pfeifer, Radu Popescu-Zeletin
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