MOMDIS: a Glauber model computer code for knockout reactions

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MOMDIS: a Glauber model computer code for knockout reactions
A computer program is described to calculate momentum distributions in stripping and diffraction dissociation reactions. A Glauber model is used with the scattering wavefunctions calculated in the eikonal approximation. The program is appropriate for knockout reactions at intermediate energy collisions (30 MeV Elab/nucleon 2000 MeV). It is particularly useful for reactions involving unstable nuclear beams, or exotic nuclei (e.g., neutron-rich nuclei), and studies of single-particle occupancy probabilities (spectroscopic factors) and other related physical observables. Such studies are an essential part of the scientific program of radioactive beam facilities, as in for instance the proposed RIA (Rare Isotope Accelerator) facility in the US. Program summary Title of program: MOMDIS (MOMentum DIStributions) Catalogue identifier: ADXZ_v1_0 Program summary URL: Computers: The code has been created on an IBM-PC, but also runs on UNIX or LINUX mac...
C. A. Bertulani, A. Gade
Added 11 Dec 2010
Updated 11 Dec 2010
Type Journal
Year 2006
Authors C. A. Bertulani, A. Gade
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