The Moment Camera

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The Moment Camera
more abstract realms of Impressionism, and more pure Abstraction. The camera, although capable of capturing instants in time, cannot on its own--except in rare instances--truly record moments. When coupled with computation and a user interface, digital cameras can bring back the ability to capture moments as opposed to just instantaneous snapshots. Such computational cameras or computational photography systems can provide a wealth of opportunities for both professional and casual photographers. Future cameras will let us"capture the moment,"not just the instant when the shutter opens.The moment camera will gather significantly more data than is needed for a single image.This data,coupled with automated and user-assisted algorithms,will provide powerful new paradigms for image making. Michael F. Cohen and Richard Szeliski Microsoft Research B efore the advent of the camera, artists were tasked with recording events and providing a visual history of their world. Although a gre...
Michael F. Cohen, Richard Szeliski
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Type Journal
Year 2006
Authors Michael F. Cohen, Richard Szeliski
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